An intensive 20-minute training

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I don’t remember how I’ve found out about this training. I probably saw an ad somewhere.

I hate going to the gym. I find it boring, time-consuming and I’ve never had any result from the training except sweating a lot and getting warts on my hands.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try EMS training.

The first lesson

The first lesson was free. It’s a great way to understand if you like the training and if it’s right for you.

A local Pilates association features an EMS trainer. I decided to try his lesson because it was the closest to home…

Be advised, I will report you!

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For the past six months, I’ve rarely been active on Medium.

Besides having another platform to write for, one of the reasons was the presence of spammers and people practicing “tag bombing” — check Aimée Gramblin’s story for more info about tag bombing.

How annoying is it when someone leaves a comment under your story just to add a link to theirs? The irritating practice is called “spomment”.

Obviously, it was happening in association with stories having several views, mostly external.

Medium lately cleaned up the platform from thousand of fake profiles created just intending to promote their stories and…

No promotion, no ads, just patient, SEO, and well-researched pieces

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A few months ago, a friend asked me to re-do her website from scratch.

She owns a small consulting business, and I was already writing articles for her, but the person in charge of the technical stuff wasn’t always available to upload the new content.

After warning her I’m no expert and blog as a hobby, she gave me the job, and all the time I needed to solve her problem.

At the beginning of April, her website was back online. …

Try them if you have no clue what to write about

a wall with written together we create. how to find ideas for your next story
a wall with written together we create. how to find ideas for your next story
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I haven’t written regularly on Medium for months, and when I decided to come back, I felt disoriented and overwhelmed.

There are great writers capable of creating 1,500-word pieces that leave me speechless, creators who turn episodes of their lives into precious life lessons, and others who prefer to share short stories publishing multiple times per day to reach every single reader on the platform.

People write about everything on Medium. How do I find something exciting and worth reading when there are so many great writers around here?

So here are my top 6 places to go for inspiration!

Google Trends

And sell old school notes and documents

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Studypool is a website where everyone can ask questions about various subjects and get answers from qualified tutors.

The website is used mainly by students looking for help with their homework. They post a question, maybe even attach a file with extra information, set a price and a deadline by which they need the assignment done.

I registered to become a tutor months ago but was always afraid about taking the test, which I passed with a high score despite being English my second language.

The test

The test isn’t that scary as I thought. You have to answer a few questions…

VAT on feminine hygiene products should be abolished

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According to Investopedia, “Tampon tax is a term used for the tax imposed on menstrual hygiene products by a government. These products are not subject to a unique or special tax but are classified as luxury items along with other goods that are not exempted.”

How can products a woman must use for most of her life be considered luxury items?

Pandiahealth’s article states, “The average woman menstruates from age 13 until age 51, about once a month, with each period lasting from three to seven days. All in all, this equals 456 periods over a span of 38 years…

Noteworthy publication is not…worthy

On June 26, I self-published a story. Two days later, Noteworthy reached out to me.
Sam wanted my story to be part of his publication.
Why not, right?

When I saw his note on my story, I instantly remembered some comments on a Facebook group where other writers complained about Noteworthy publication.

The publication owner and editors added writers without reaching out to them first or asking them to add their story to the publication but never actually accept the story after they agreed.

Since I had nothing to lose adding my story to Noteworthy, I…

Caffè Italiano: Submission Guidelines

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Caffè Italiano è una pubblicazione che nasce con l’idea di riproporre online il concetto dei “caffè letterari”, ovvero ambienti dove intellettuali e artisti si ritrovavano per confrontarsi tra di loro davanti a una tazzina di caffè.

Questa pubblicazione è dedicata a tutti coloro che scrivono in italiano, o che vogliono provarci, che hanno voglia di condividere esperienze e confrontarsi su temi di vita quotidiana.


Le storie devono trattare i seguenti argomenti:

  • Lavoro/Finanza: non solo ciò che è associato al mondo del lavoro dipendente ma anche condivisione di esperienze come libero professionista o imprenditore. …

We should have seen this coming

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June 17, 2021, the Vatican has invoked its sovereign status under the 1929 Lateran Pacts with Italy to protest the draft law “Zan bill”, claiming it could restrict the religious freedom guaranteed to the Church under that agreement.

The “Zan bill” (DDL Zan), named after the Italian lawmaker Alessandro Zan, the legislator who introduced the bill, provides “measures to prevent and combat discrimination and violence based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability”.

It also punishes racists acts and organizations with the goal to instigate racial, ethnics, or religious discrimination or violence and proposes May 17 as the…

Tips and info about the capital of Hawaii

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Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu, is the capital and largest city of Hawaii, with a population of 341,302(2020). It is one of the most attractive destinations of the archipelago offers visitors a large variety of attractions.

The city, dominated by the imposing Diamond Head volcano, which is now extinct, is well-known for its tropical landscape, palm trees, harbor, the chance to practice a wide range of water sports.

Honolulu tourist attractions

Honolulu’s main tourist hot spots are the downtown district — the Pacific region’s leading financial and business center — and Waikiki, known for its narrow sandy beach area, one of…

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