11 Ways to Sleep for Free While Traveling the World

We all know how expensive traveling can be, especially if you travel on your own and for quite a bit.

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Probably the most famous platform to meet people while traveling and find a host willing to let you sleep on the couch for free!
Couchsurfing offers the possibility of hosting travelers at home and being hosted worldwide by locals. It is not necessary to host to be hosted or vice versa. Unfortunately, Couchsurfing is no longer free to join. You have to pay a monthly or yearly fee.
You can set specific filters to find the perfect match for your stay. Read the review of other travelers about the host you are considering and take your time to know who will open the door of his house for you.
Trust is essential, as bringing a little gift to your host and maybe share some time together.
You can also use Couchsurfing to meet other travelers or local people, take part in events, and make new friends.
Other platforms similar to Couchsurfing are WarmShowers, for cycle travelers, and BeWelcome.

Sleeping on the bus or train during a long night trip might save you both time and money!
Some busses and trains have wagon dedicated explicitly for those who want to sleep while on the move.
You might have to share the cabin with other people, though.

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Not all airports allow sleeping overnight inside their area. So check their policy before organizing your trip.
If possible, it is a great way to save money from the last night in a hotel.
Reach the airport as late as possible to enjoy the most of your last day of the holiday, find yourself a nice and quiet place to rest until the early morning flight.

House sitting is very common all over the world. In exchange for free accommodation, you have to take care of someone else’s house.
It means you will be in charge of watering the plants, feed the animals, and perhaps do some light maintenance chores.
There are many websites you can apply for, but all require an annual fee to contact the hosts. It’s a great way if you are planning to travel for an extended period.
Some of these websites are: HouseCarers, MindMyHouse, and TrustedHouseSitters.

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If you can host someone too, HomeExchange might be the right choice for you!
It allows you to swipe your home with another community member!
Hosting is free, but to be hosted, you must pay an annual fee.
If you can’t host back, you can give to your host some GuestPoint so he will be able to stay in some else’s home.

WorkAway is another yearly-paid platform where you can find a host in almost every part of the world.
You can create a profile and contact families, hostels, farms, or yoga retreats and ask them for free accommodation in exchange for some work.
The number of hours of work may vary according to the type of job. Usually, the landlords grant one or two days off, a place where to sleep, food, or pocket money to buy groceries.
Another similar website you might want to consider is Help Exchange.

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It’s similar to WorkAway but specific for farms and organic farms.
It is ideal for you if you’re looking for contact with nature and want to contribute to sustainable local activities.
As with WorkAway, accommodation and food will be given to you for free.

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Camping in nature is forbidden in many countries, but not everywhere. Before leaving, be sure to check the local restrictions and rules.

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The oldest form of free hospitality for travelers is nowadays available almost only upon payment, but it’s still worth a try!
Ask respectfully if they can host you for a night, but make sure you understand that, as a religious building, there are rules to follow.

It’s definitely the last option to consider due to the risks involved in asking a stranger to welcome you. Still, if you run without money and desperately looking for a bed where to crash, you might consider that too!

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