How subrogation works and when to use it

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Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor. This article is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered financial or legal advice. Consult a financial professional before making any significant financial decisions.

What is subrogation

According to, a subrogation consists of replacing one creditor with a different one.

After the subrogation occurs, the debtor will pay the substitute creditor, also called subrogee, who now has all the original creditor’s rights.

Law requirements for subrogation change according to the country; that’s why I don’t want to go much into details that might not be valid for the place where you live.

Before signing…

This is how much I’ve made, and my stats

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Background story

Before diving into the little experiment I’ve made, I want to give you some background story.

I started writing on Medium in mid-May 2020 after watching a video on YouTube. I’m sure many of the writers who began writing on Medium in that period or after decided to join because of Shelby’s videos.

The beginning was quite hard for me.

English isn’t my first language, and I haven’t been writing in English for a very long time.

I decided to give a try to the platform anyway; I needed the money since I was going through a difficult time finding…

Four must-visit attractions when in town

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Newport is located at the eastern mouth of Narragansett Bay. Either Newport Bridge from the west on route 138 or Mt. Hope Bridge from the North East on route 114 can reach it.

Founded in 1639, Newport quickly became a significant seaport with trading routes to the West Indies. Its years as a famous seaport ended with the British blockade (1776) and the near-complete destruction by the soldiers.

In the 19th century, Newport became a favorite vacation retreat for the wealthy escaping the hot and humid weather of the large industrial cities of the Northeast.

The city has been the…

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Step by step everything you need to do before uploading the first video

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Starting a YouTube channel can be overwhelming.

It’s not just about filming videos; you must optimize your content for search so viewers can find your work before other creators’ ones.

From your channel’s name to the tags you use, everything tells the viewers who you are and how much effort you are putting into your work.

While amateur channels can do well, those with a much professional look have higher chances of standing out on a crowded platform where thousands of people create similar content.

What settings must you check before uploading your first video to start your channel with…

Psychologist confirms they are good for your relationship

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“You have no idea how many times my boyfriend accused me of ruining our relationship because I was doing something wrong.” My friend Clara told me recently. We like to discuss relationship matters. She’s been in way more romantic relationships than me, and I feel comfortable talking to her about love problems.

We were lying on the sofa, chit-chatting about former partners, when we ended up discussing all the toxic habits we have experienced in the past.

Clara started giving me examples of past actions her ex-boyfriends didn’t like and asked me to confirm she was right. …

Four elements successful meaningless songs have in common

Man holding up four fingers while singing into microphone
Man holding up four fingers while singing into microphone
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I bet you know at least one song that managed to stick in your mind thanks to its rhythm rather than the meaning of its words.

A song that hit the top in the most listened songs chart for weeks.

I woke up one morning with one of these songs in my mind.

My memories took me back to the summer of 2002, I was a teenager, and MTV was broadcasting one of the most successful songs of that year: “Asereje” by Las Ketchup.

The lyric talks about Diego, who likes to sing and dance a song like he’s possessed…

Psychologists confirm they are ruining your relationship

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According to a survey by YourTango Experts, 89% of the interviewed recognize that half or more of all people are experiencing toxic relationships in their lives.

A toxic relationship is any relationship [between people who] don’t support each other, where there’s conflict and one seeks to undermine the other, where there’s competition, where there’s disrespect and a lack of cohesiveness.” — Dr. Lillian Glass

Some habits are so deeply rooted in our culture we don’t even realize they are poisonous for ourselves and the people around us. …

Lesson learned: if it doesn’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean it is a failure

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Around September 2019, I started my first blog in Italian. I bought a custom domain and chose a hosting platform I was familiar with to start with less than 20€.

The blog was about traveling, tips for travelers, food, and traditions around the world. My target audience was made of Italian travelers, people curious to find new destinations for their holidays and learn how to organize the trip with my advice.

My blog had just a few visitors a month. While I was trying to grow it using the best tools I could afford (at the beginning of 2020, I…

Watch out for them if you are trying to introduce new habits in your life!

Picture by StockSnapPixabay

People have just begun to understand how even the tiniest habit can influence their path to success or failure.

There are so many tasks you do or fail to do each day that shape the quality of your life. You might not even realize you have been doing the same practice every day for ages until someone points it out.

In that moment, you recognize that habit as the reason you are experiencing particular events in your life.

Whether it’s flossing your teeth, pitching potential clients, going to the gym, or saving money, it might not matter today or even…

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