Why is it so, and how to find new buddies

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All you have to do is to share a personal experience

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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul website accepts personal stories and poems capable of giving emotions to the readers.

10 ways to start a group conversation even if you don’t know anybody

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Ask for help or information.

Asking for…

Amazon’s delivery guys kept delivering unordered packages on my doorstep.

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How leaders can take advantage of the four colors personalities of their team

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Origin and advantages of the Japanese Shinrin-Yoku therapy

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Origin of the Forest Bathing

The Shinrin-Yoku practice was developed in Japan in the 1980s, was promoted with major investments by the government after realizing the positive impact this practice had on people.

Little reminders of happiness and joy right beside your cookies

happiness jar — jar with notes about why I love you
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An intensive 20-minute training

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The first lesson

The first lesson was free. It’s a great way to understand if you like the training and if it’s right for you.

Be advised, I will report you!

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Medium lately cleaned up the platform from thousand of fake profiles created just intending to promote their stories and…

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