Send Me a Selfie

No darling, I’m not sending my selfies around the world to please you.

Nothing weird, right?

We talked about the weather and jobs (mine is written in my Twitter profile, BTW). Then he asked me to send him a picture of myself.
My Twitter profile picture has a selfie of myself, one of the few that I don’t consider horrible and the same I have on my Medium profile. “Look at my profile picture” I replied.
Nope, he wants a selfie.
I’m so tempted to answer that my profile picture IS A SELFIE!

I know, I’m pissed off for a stupid thing; still, it pisses me off!

I don’t like to take selfies, I don’t like to share them and I don’t understand why I should send an “innocent” selfie to a stranger!
I don’t see anything wrong in having a pen-friend, in meeting someone on social media and start a sort of friendship.

I needed to vent.

🇮🇹 bookkeeper & content creator, blogger & PoD seller. Curious, food addict, animal lover & solo traveler. I write about money, food, travel & human behaviors

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